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    Returning New Arrival: Greg


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    Returning New Arrival: Greg Empty Returning New Arrival: Greg

    Post by Gregzilla on Wed Nov 27, 2019 11:40 am

    Hi all.

    Greg here. You might (possibly/probably?) remember me from earlier, considering we wrote together for quite some time. I honestly blame myself for the previous attempt's dissolution, which is why I am, among other reasons, reluctant to attempt anything.

    I have been upset lately. I'm not going to deny that. However, I still enjoy writing, and had significant time to figure out how to remake things, both through discussion with certain people and various things I watched or played. In actuality, certain things I have watched have burrowed ideas into my brain that made it difficult to consider not doing anything. I even have five different profiles put together and ready to submit.

    I can't promise frequent posting. I'm trying to concentrate on work, both in terms of the job I make money through and the writing I do for Multiversity Comics, and as we all know, life takes priority over writing. More than anything else, and I know this sounds blunt and awful, I just have had next to nothing to actually do in my spare time.

    mong other freelance projects that I am very proud of).

    If you all would rather me not be here, I can understand, and can leave. If you have any problems with me, please let me know directly, likely through a direct message. The thing that I am upset by more than anything in many cases is having to find out things second or third hand about people's opinions regarding me, something I wish had been clear before.

    I won't be putting up the five profiles I have as options until I'm aware of the thoughts people have. This is entirely because I don't want to waste anyone's time with going over things that people don't want to even deal with, and is not a threat of any sort. I'm just trying to help minimize future stress.

    There are still lingering issues I have, including in regards to a somewhat-recent interaction I had, but otherwise I just want to give it all a shot if possible. I probably won't be using the Mibbit chat much (if at all) due to wanting to minimize any overarching effect on the rest of my life (nothing against you guys, but more against me having difficulty stopping once I start).

    Filled with self-loathing and unsure if anything he does really matters to people,


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