The Great Convergence: ReMix

A remade video game crossover RP, based around the concepts of Kingdom Hearts

    Da Rules


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    Da Rules      Empty Da Rules

    Post by Adri on Mon Aug 12, 2019 12:13 am

    1. Any and all insulting, racist, homophobic etc. speech from users will not be tolerated, nor will toxic behavior of any kind. If you have a problem with a particular user, try talking to them about it; don’t talk behind their backs.

    2. Please be respectful to the admin and moderators.

    3. While we consider ourselves pretty amateur, using basic grammar and spelling is appreciated.

    4. Remember the usual RPing rules. Godmodding, power playing, double posting in RP threads, and rail-roading plots is not allowed.

    5. Doing things to other people’s characters without their permission, such as killing off characters, is not allowed. Say “he threw a punch at him,” not “he punched him.” Exception: if a long post requires another character’s response for pacing reasons, in which case they can be used with the respective user’s permission.

    6. Please, keep it PG to PG-13. Sexual content should be kept to a minimum; if you really want to go into it, use “fade to black” and subtle implications. Some cursing is permitted, but please censor the more extreme slurs. And lastly, try to keep excessive violence, especially gore, to a minimum.

    7. Most importantly, have fun, and don’t try to ruin everyone else’s fun.

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