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    Matthew Trinity - The Watcher

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    Matthew Trinity - The Watcher Empty Matthew Trinity - The Watcher

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    Name: Matthew Trinity

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: He stands at a height of 5'8", his dark brown hair falling down to his neck, at top shoulder level, blue eyes. He wears a gray shirt with the image of a large pillar made of a crystal on the front, a navy blue vest over it, dark green fingerless gloves, skin a bit on the tan side, but just a bit. He also wears a pair of navy blue pants and a pair of black and white sneakers.

    Personality: On the surface, Matt is a polite and quiet person, with a tendency to simply look around, making one think he's not paying attention. In reality, he's always paying attention, sometimes a bit too much. He has a tendency to notice things most people miss, unfortunately, that includes things people don't want noticed. Matt also doesn't like to show his emotions and goes out of the way to hide them, whether it's detrimental to him or not. But this doesn't mean he is heartless, he just feels uncomfortable being expressive of himself.

    One of the few things that would get him emotional is his older brother. Scowling and not wanting to talk about hi when around other people. But ready to fly off the handle if in the same room as him, then avoiding him for a while.

    That said, with other people who didn't get on his bad side, he treats them politely. With someone he's closer to, he lets himself be more expressive, feeling less nervous. One thing he does have in common with his brother is the enjoyment of a challenge.

    Powers: Matt is a Watcher , someone with the ability to perceive and interact with the souls of other people. Not just that but he is also a Cipher , someone who uses the power of their souls through their minds.

    The following is his powers as a Cipher first, starting with two at first.

    -Mind Wave : This lets him violently intrude into an enemy's mind, doing direct damage through a concussive blast of psychic energy. Enemies behind the target can get knocked prone from the blast if they're not careful.

    -Tenuous Grasp : This power allows Matt to mentally assail a target's grasp on reality, leaving them frightened and confused.

    The following is his powers as a Watcher, starting with one at first.

    -Crucible of the Soul : This power allows Matt to unravel the vital essence of his enemies, regaining health in the process. However, he can only use this ability once before requiring rest to be able to use it. So he keeps it away for emergencies.


    -Soul Whip : A passive ability possessed by any Cipher, it allows their weapons (his fists in Matt's case) to generate a field of parasitic energy that lashes out at the target, doing more damage and absorbing some of that energy to increase his focus.

    -Martial Arts Training: Due to taking martial arts classes back in the Realm of Reality, Matt is no stranger to unarmed combat and knows how to defend himself.

    Weapons: None. He starts without any and fights with his fists only at first.

    Equipment: Gummiphone given to him by Cid, which somehow possesses the music and files from his original phone.

    History: Matthew was born as the second child of his parents and older brother. He lived in the state of Florida in Tallahassee However, when he was seven, his father became sick and hospitalized. But after six months, his condition became worse and the cause was soon found. It was liver cancer but at the stage it was in, it was too late for treatment. Things got worse as his older brother, Jonathan, started pushing people away, treating them coldly and picking fights.

    A year later, he woke up from a nightmare involving his father and went crying to his brother. But he got rebuffed and even hit by him, called a shameless crybaby and told off for coming to him. That day was stuck in his mind for the rest of his life. As his brother drifted away and pushed people away, the more his family started looking at him like he was the older sibling, especially his grandmother, from his father's side of the family, who's considered the matriarch.

    So at the age of 13, after his brother got expelled, his family was forced to move. But not before his grandmother made the decision to disown Jonathan for his behavior, which placed the responsibility of being the oldest now to him. After moving, he spent the next two years taking extra classes, a tutor and even martial arts. The pressure from now having to succeed in his brother's place meant he had to get serious and less emotional like Jonathan did. He decided to be the opposite of how his brother behaved to cope with the pressure,his pain over his behavior changing into resentment.

    At the age of 15, he had the unfortunate news that because Jonathan was held back, he would go to Matt's school. Completely unhappy with having to do that, the two went to the school and met 9 other students in a classroom while waiting to get assigned to their homerooms. There, one of them revealed he his own trauma. One by one, they spoke and when it was Matt's turn, he refused at first. But after Jonathan shared his own grief, he finally spoke and told him to his face everything he held away, angrily ending with how much he resented his brother, then left. He was the only one not to come back to the classroom, waiting for the others to leave before getting his own homeroom location.

    And yet, the next day, he ran into them. It kept happening enough that he made friends with the other students and even made the effort to be civil with Jonathan. Especially since his brother's behavior had changed since that classroom meeting when they started that year. They became a group and even got nicknames, courtesy of Will and David. To his friends, Matt was known as Binah, due to his tendency to notice things and his analytical nature.

    But at the age of 17, one of his friends moved and soon enough, the others did and they drifted apart. Matt took the chance to transfer to another school, leaving his brother in the one they spent two years in studying. Two years later, his brother went to live with an uncle in Athens, the only one in the family who still cared fro him and treated him like one. While Matt himself stayed in South Carolina to study.

    One day, while playing Pillars of Eternity to relax after a study session, Matt started to feel a headache as he saw the screen flash in front of his eyes. He grabbed his head as everything went dark. Then a green glow filled the black void but there was nothing else. He looked around to see where the glow came from and noticed it was close. Looking down, he found out the glow was from himself, except he had no corporeal form.

    Then he found himself pulled into a pillar of glowing crystals, also possessing the same green glow. Matt found himself absorbed then heard voices. So many voices, too many voices as sights, smells, sounds and touches filled his mind. A lot entered into him, an overflowing feeling overwhelming him, threatening to smother his consciousness. Before he lost consciousness, Matt heard one phrase spoken into him.

    "No sleep for the Watcher."

    He then suddenly woke up with a start and found himself on a bed. In front of him was the wizard Merlin. He explained how Matt just appeared sprawled on the ground of the streets of Radiant Garden and was taken in, but hadn't woken up. That he spent one week like that, leaving some of them worried over his health. Seeing his confused expression, Merlin eased the explanation into him. How he was from the Realm of Reality, the Great Convergence and how he became a Converger.

    Still overwhelmed, he tried getting out of bed, only to fall down to the ground. Merlin simply told him to take it easy and used his magic to help him up back to the bed. While staring at the wizard, he had a headache as he could feel something trying to go into Merlin's head. The latter caught on and told him the Convergence had also granted him some powers. Powers that he correctly guessed came from a different world and offered to help him learn about them.

    Finally speaking, Matt accepted. He spent the next two weeks training, getting himself back into shape and also learning about his new powers. He started recognizing what his powers were but kept the knowledge to himself. He was still taking in everything that happened. On the penultimate day, Merlin told him that he should leave and explore so he could find the answers he wanted, also telling him he wasn't the only Converger and that others were also around. The next day, he took his own Gummi ship, courtesy of Merlin convincing Cid to make one for him and began his travels throughout the Realm of Waking.

    Hobbies: Music, video games, reading, training.

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