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    Rikka Masami - Angel of Light


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    Rikka Masami - Angel of Light Empty Rikka Masami - Angel of Light

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    Name: Rikka Masami

    Age: 21

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Rikka stands at about 5 feet 8 inches, with a healthy and busty figure. Her eyes are cyan, and have a faint glow that is only really noticeable in the dark. Her hair goes down a couple inches past her shoulders and is a golden blonde. She also has a pair of wings that are seemingly composed of light from a distance, but are actually made from brilliant white and gold feathers, and can have their size changed so they are small enough to hide underneath her jacket or large enough to cover others. Rikka usually keeps her wings out at a 7-foot wingspan.

    When in battle, Rikka usually wears a full suit of white armor with gold highlights that covers everything but her head. It has golden, ornate artistry all across its shoulders, along with down the body, with white metal surrounded by gold and shaping to her body as well as coming together for arrangements such as gilded knees. See here for a concept.

    When she is in more casual settings, Rikka typically wears a blue skirt that goes down to just above her knees with black stockings and boots that go halfway up her shin. For a top, she has a white tube top that exposes a bit of her midriff and cleavage, and a black leather jacket that she wears over her shoulders and is capable of covering her wings.

    For formal occasions, Rikka wears a short dress made up of white feathers that splits just above her navel and reveals much of her cleavage, becoming more reminiscent of a vest. The deep, revealing v-cut is lined by a row of long feathers on either side, thus continuing up her torso and wrapping around her shoulders to form a sort of collar, with a skirt is also partially split down the middle. In this outfit, she also wears long, dark blue stockings with lighter blue, feathered boots reaching a bit above her ankles .

    Personality: Due to her experience with popularity and her own magic, Rikka can be rather arrogant. However, while she can be quite proud, not in the least because of her seemingly holy magic, she is nonetheless not beholden to feeling she is a goddess of any sort, just that she is good looking and deserves her popularity. As such, if others attempt to bring up religious connotations around her, she scoffs at those mentions, almost feeling it beneath her to indulge in such fancies. Despite her own popularity and good looks though Rikka is a hard worker and not one to lay back and think that everything will just come to her. She got her position because she worked for it and thus deserved it.

    Rikka can be rather ambitious, having big ideas and the drive to see them through. However that ambition is rather tempered and she would only allow something shady if there is a logical reason for it to be done. She is dedicated to keeping things in order but won't go to try and completely control everything.

    That said, she is a kind person to those who she is close with. She does love her sister, and wants the best for her, even if she can be overly doting on her. For those who she loves, she will do quite a lot to protect them, seeing them as her responsibility. However Rikka can be rather lenient with those she cares about, letting them get away with things than she would let others do. To her enemies Rikka can be rather ruthless rarely giving mercy unless she finds a good reason for it. She finds those who target her loved ones or civilians to be her enemies and is willing to tolerate those she does not like as long as they don't bring any harm to others.

    Rikka also tends to focus rather hard on those she finds interesting. What she finds interesting will greatly depend on how she is feeling in the moment and what she may find interesting in one person may not be something she cares about in another. When she finds someone who gains her interest she can focus in on them rather hard and want to bring them into her circle. This can make her sometimes aggressive in trying to get to know them, though there is no malice when she does so.


    -Flight and Wing Manipulation: Using her magic through her wings gives Rikka the ability to fly. She has to expend energy to do so her flight is limited. She can also control the size of her wings, making them as big or as small as she desires.

    - Angelic Light Magic: A form of magic that focuses in on light and the divine in particular. Uses of this magic revolve around illumination, protection, and banishment of evil, darker entities, including consecration of elements such as holy water or areas of ground. The light of this magic is generally golden or pure white, but appears in all the colors of the rainbow, sometimes as pure light, others as “cold fire” that flickers but does not burn. When cast, things become self-luminous, seeming to glow from within, and the air becomes charged with energy, accompanied by the smell of burning ozone or unseen smoke. Everything around the spells seems to be preordained, divinely chosen. With powerful magic, a distant choir might be heard. Unfortunately, this type of magic is weaker in areas of concentrated darkness, such as those in pitch black scenarios. The effect is not total, but does mean the power is difficult to draw upon in those situations.

    -- Blessed Sight: A kind of morality sight, this vision causes the user's eyes to glow white, enabling them to see evil auras.

    -- Photokinesis: The most basic form of her magic, this allows for the manipulation of light into different forms, including the formation of usually temporary hard light constructs or making objects shine with light. The way she can use this holy light varies greatly, with a range including firing holy light from her hands, causing it to rain from the sky, or manipulating light to create weapons for herself. At the highest amount of power, she can potentially call upon her power to create hard light angelic constructs to fight for her temporarily, at the expense of her own stamina.

    -- Blaze(Locked): Infuse a touched enemy with light, stunning them, causing them to give off a golden glow, and causing light-based damage.

    -- Cleanse(Locked): Removes negative status effects on self.

    -- Light of Truth(Locked): Can force others to speak honestly by casting a light into their soul. Manifests as a touch on their body while asking them things or demanding answers. Answers told must be truthful, but not necessarily the entire truth, nor do they need to speak at all.

    -- Hallowed Arms(Locked): Imbue a weapon with holy light, causing it to both glow and deal extra damage against demonic or undead entities.

    -- Projected Heal(Locked): Toss a light that heals those nearby impact point

    -- Banishment(Locked): Only useful on those who are in direct contact with another entity, this spell suffuses the target with light energy, banishing the associated being, be it a possessing demonic entity or even a summoned guardian attached to their being, as well as making it more difficult to draw upon those forces again.

    -- Sanctuary(Locked): Raise a barrier of light around an area, infusing light within that barrier and providing a defensive shield outside of it.


    - Choral Voice: When she speaks, it sounds as though a chorus of others speak along with her, giving her voice a melodic quality due to the suffusion of her magic throughout her being.

    -Rikka has a natural talent at organizing and managing.

    Weapons: Photon Grip: A set of silver gloves with in-built holographic projectors that mood to the form of the hand, made from magic and technology. Through these, she can directly project her magic or form a variety of constructs, including most commonly a whip or a spear of hard blue light. In the form of the whip or other similar items, the constructed weapon can be used to restrain someone else, and even be controlled to some degree through thought alone.

    Equipment: Rikka has no equipment

    History: Rikka was born as the older of a pair of identical twins with her sister Yuki. The two were children of Japanese immigrants who pushed the two of them hard to succeed. While Yuki pushed back against their parents, Rikka took to it and worked hard. Her hard work, natural talent, and good looks made her always popular. Despite this, Rikka always cared deeply for her sister who tended not to work as hard as her. The two would remain very close for years, though sometimes to Yuki's annoyance. As they went through school, Rikka would grow ambitious, not just looking to have a good and successful life but wanting to make a name for herself and be famous. It would push her even harder and while her drive would push some people away, it drew more people to her.

    Eventually Rikka would go to college and would share a dorm with her sister. One night as she was in her room after a long day of classes, the TV that the two shared started glowing. Curious about the strange phenomenon, Rikka went closer as the light that was coming from the TV grew brighter. It quickly became so bright that it was blinding to Rikka. The light however did more than just blind her. Rikka could feel the light entering her body making her stronger and able to feel the power behind the light. However as she absorbed the light she seemed to turn into light as well and was drawn into the TV.

    When Rikka could finally see again, she found herself very far from home in a strange set of armor and large wings on her back.

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