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    Call of Determination


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    Call of Determination Empty Call of Determination

    Post by Gregzilla on Fri Mar 20, 2020 6:18 pm

    (This thread takes place after "An Angel Falls" in Radiant Garden.)

    The city of Thebes was relatively calm, all things considered. Between the goings on that had shaken the very heavens and the more down-to-earth threats of encroaching Heartless on a level not often seen outside of the Coliseum or the Underworld, reconstruction was still a ways away, but with the help of the town hero Hercules and his lesser-known compatriots, everything was working out... aside from the damage that had been caused by the latter. But that was a discussion for another day.

    There was a new stranger in town, one who was a bit irritable. She wore an odd set of armor with a hood over it, and the dark nature of her outfit made some feel she may be related to the shadows. Perhaps not the Heartless, but what else? Either way, it wasn't their problem to deal with. They had a city to rebuild.

    Said stranger grumbled as she walked the location, looking this way and that. She had heard of a place to train, to figure things out and even talk to a select number of locals who might be able to help her, but apparently she had overshot her entry point and not landed in the Coliseum down below, but in a city a ways away. Aside from training in general, she was looking for someone, or rather, for information about where said person had been so as to trace a way back to her. There were also other goals, but that was her primary one for being here.

    A scream from a young child rang out in the distance, near a temple of some sort that was in the process of being rebuilt from collapse, shocking her from her reverie.

    Azumi Tamashī scowled under her hood, eyes flaring in their red color for a brief moment, and sprinted in the direction of the call, ready to draw a weapon at a moment's notice, her gauntleted fists already wreathed in shadow crackling with red energy. While she wanted to find her lost Master and bring her home, some training and a chance to help keep someone else away from the dark creatures around these worlds would always be a good thing in her book.
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    Call of Determination Empty Re: Call of Determination

    Post by Strider Hiryu Yesterday at 8:17 pm

    A silver haired youth walked down the streets of Thebes itself. He came to check on this world after having heard about it from Sora and what had happened here. He stretched, still getting used to his new clothes, despite them fitting perfectly, it was strange to use new clothes after he used his previous ones for so long. Still, that wasn't the only change Riku had recently. "I haven't had a chance to try out the new Keyblade yet."

    The Keyblade Master had seen the residents busy with reconstruction after the attack on their city and the rescue from their hero, Hercules and his own lesser known companions. The latter, Riku knew to be Sora and his friends, Mickey's retainers Donald and Goofy. But the sudden scream of a girl made him react quickly and ran towards the source of the voice.

    There, he found a girl, leg pinned down by some rubble, surrounded by Heartless with fire on top of their heads. Riku brought out his new Keyblade, the Braveheart then raised the weapon in the air. He casted Thundaga, causing a rain of lightning to be brought down on the Heartless themselves, easily eliminating them. That surprised him, since he was expecting a bit more of a fight but put it out of his mind, focusing of helping the girl. "You all right?" The Keyblade Master said, removing the rubble.

    "You saved me!" the girl said getting up but gasped. "More monsters!" She pointed out, more Heartless having appeared, several Soldier , about eight and atop some broken pillars were three bow wielding Heartless with bell less jester like hats, readying arrows to fire.

    "Get to safety!" Riku said, getting Braveheart back out and getting into his battle stance. The girl quickly left without having to be told again, and the Keyblade Master looked ahead, ready to fight.

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